Our Story

A little over thirty years ago, middle school teacher Jan Caplener decided to leave teaching and try his hand at real estate. In the early 1980’s, Jan, a Mt. Tabor resident for most of his life, built his business by hosting open houses, hand delivering newsletters, and engaging with his neighbors throughout Southeast Portland.


In 1997, Jan left his previous real estate company to join brand new Realty Trust Group. A founding partner and owner of Realty Trust Group, Jan has seen the company evolve over the years into one of Portland’s superior brokerage firms. Jan uses his education background to help teach agents at Realty Trust Group the ins and outs of Real Estate.


At 22, Jan’s son Kevin Caplener returned home from a stint in Arizona and decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and get his real estate license. Since 2005, Kevin has fine-tuned his craft and, despite his young age, has become one of Portland’s top real estate brokers.