The Caplener Group, based out of Windermere Realty Trust’s Hawthorne Office, proudly supports all of the initiatives that Windermere Realty Trust has implemented over the years to become as sustainable as we can be. Our company has continually been named by Oregon Business Magazine as one of the Best Green Companies in Oregon. We know, however, that there is so much room for improvement so we are continually striving to become more sustainable.


The Caplener Group’s four brokers are all Earth Advantage certified. We have gone through a training program to better answer your questions on sustainability and your home. We believe it is important to understand ways to reduce our carbon footprint and help our clients do the same.


Four years ago, Jan Caplener remodeled what was once a Mexican food restaurant into our current office space. It was important to him to do as ‘green’ of a remodel as possible – incorporating green materials, water saving features, and reducing waste. More recently, the team has installed electric car charging stations behind the building to support our neighbors and friends who have decided to go electric.


One of the most important components to our sustainable practices is our consideration of local businesses. We love to support family-owned, locally sourced, neighborhood friendly businesses throughout Portland. We believe that through our patronage and support of other local and sustainable businesses we can create a culture.